Altered Card Tutorial by Elly Pirally

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a tutorial by Inspirational Card Swap participant Elly Pirally. I asked her to introduce herself, so without further aideu…

“My name is Elly and I joined the crafting world via YouTube with my first creations of mini books in 2010. I started as a paper crafter and discovered the the world of mixed media when I found Michael DeMeng and Andy Skinner. After my first online workshop with Andy Skinner, I was infected by creating art with acrylic paints and all the unlimited possibilities with upcycling and altered art. I love to create art any style with whatever I can get my hands on.”

Today Elly is sharing with my readers how she created these stunning nature-themed cards with gold POP for the latest Card Deck Swap. Enjoy!



Using the technique Jessica describes in her tutorials for the Inspirational Card Deck Swap, glue the cards down to cardstock or scrapbook paper (12 x 12 inch squares used here) so that you are working on a “canvas” at the beginning. This makes painting and base layers on the cards much easier.

If your cards are shiny and you are worried that gesso or paint may not stick, lightly sand the cards with card stock.

Finally, paint the cards with a layer of Gesso to prime them for paint and other supplies.






Using a stamp, stamp a large stamp that will be your first base layer,  using archival ink black.

When dry, I followed by playing with Brusho Crystal Colours to add a color base to your cards. Ranger spray inks, and even acrylic paints could be used in this step.



When dry, follow with another stamp ( LaBlanche fly and butterfly stamps used here). Add black embossing poswer (brand of your choice) and follow by using a heat tool (embossing heat tool or regular hair dryer) to activate the powder. The result is a brilliant glossy stamp image on top of your base colors.




Choose a stencil that you would like to use on your altered cards. I chose a Dina Wakley stencil. Keep in mind that if you choose a large stencil, only a portion of it will appear on each card.

To create the stencil, use Modeling Paste (I use DecoArt brand, but Golden and Liquitex also offer modeling paste) over the stencil

Sprinkle gold embossing powder over the stencil and use your heating tool to activate the powder.





Shake off extra powder and VOILA!


Our lovely contributor today, Elly, posts many great tutorials on her personal blog, as well as tutorials for each of the sets she has created for the International Card Deck Swap!  


  1. Thanks so much Jessica, for hosting the altered card swap and the opportunity to share my creations with the whole world. I really appreciate your support, your huge commitment and your powerful inspiration.xoxo Elly

  2. Great tutorial! I love seeing how Elly’s cards were made and it’s given me some new ideas to try since I’ve never used embossing powder before. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great cards Elly!

  4. Loren Prince says:

    Gorgeous cards! I’ve looked at the embossing powders before, but so far haven’t given them a try. Elly, you’ve inspired me out of my box! Next trip to the city I am coming home with some of that stuff!

  5. Yes they are gorgeous ATC but can you use heavy card stock
    in stead of playing cards , it silly to buy playing cards when I have the card stock
    here in my studio , I do love these and you did a wonderful job on them.
    we might have to steal your idea in a group iam from and make some to trade…..
    Thank you so much for sharing with US…..

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