What’s Your Big Slide?

He has been insisting, “I can’t swim, Mommy,” all summer. He has taken lessons, but inconsistently and he really does seem to have regressed. We’ve been in the pool, together, but he continues to tell me, “I don’t know how to swim.” Then, Wednesday, we ran into a schoolmate from his class. Same age. She […]


If you’ve followed the whole series, you’ve learned some of the most important things to keep in mind in order to make the very most – to get the deepest emotional, and artistic results –  from your creative practice. You’ve learned that the more expensive supplies are not always the better supplies. You’ve learned that […]

Take a cue from this bouquet.

I was recently approached with a question from someone looking for a little guidance about her burgeoning creative practice. The question was so perfect – so genuinely common to all people, period, not just a creative practice – that I asked her if I could share our conversation. I have her permission, and she my […]

Kim’s ATC Tutorial for the Inspirational Card Swap

Many thanks to International Card Deck Swap participant Kim Hondel for supplying us with a step-by-step tutorial on how she creates her altered cards for the swap!  Kim can be reached at gardensiren@gmail.com. Copper ATC Supply List  Printable Supply List Here 1 regular size playing card ( purchased used decks at local thrift store ) *Decorative paper […]

Altered Card Tutorial {Guest Post by Letizia Loffi }

SUPPLY LIST *Instead of a deck of playing cards, she re-purposed a cereal box.    – corner punch – white gesso (she used Golden brand) – gel medium  (she used Maimeri brand) – washi tape – old map – micron pen 0.5 – B6 pencil – post-it write-on white tape – tim holtz distress pad […]

What I learned from SeaBiscuit

(Besides the fact that I apparently do not pay enough attention to details or titles or names in stories, and subsequently have no idea if the B is capitalized or not in Sea Biscuit, or if it’s one word or two…but I digress…) What I learned from a rare, and enchanting horse story, that can […]

What a Netflix binge and your Creative Practice have in common…

Last night, I discovered that my mom owned all three of the Hunger Games videos. I’ve never seen any of them, so after dinner, I popped in the first DVD and accepted that I’d probably get to bed “a little late,” since it was 10 p.m. when I started! When the first movie was over, […]

How I deal with the voices of self-doubt.

Recently I was conducting a Liberation Session for a woman who wants to move forward with painting, and she said to me: “I just want to get to the point where I don’t have those voices of “what if” anymore!” You know those voices… “What if I’m not a real artist.” “What if I’m too old to […]

8 Reasons you should share your art, when you’re “not an artist.”

One of my secret (increasingly not-so-secret) missions, is to reach the people who say, “I’d love to try that, but …I’m so not creative.” Or, “Oh, but I’m not an artist.” Or the classic: “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”  These are my secret-mission people. And so are the people who have a creative […]

My guiding values. A manifesto, of sorts.

The following are my guiding values in life. The feelings that drive my decision-making, move-making, and when absent, heart-achings. It took me some time to figure out what my guiding life values are (Danielle LaPorte calls them Core Desired Feelings. Other leaders call them other things. Use the terms that work for you!). I had […]