Hello Soul, Hello Business. Hello, new friends.

For the last nine weeks I’ve participated in the first ever Business Soul Sessions by Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nichols. On the last day of class, I was stunned. It can’t possibly be over. Even though I moaned and fretted about keeping up with the content and I exhausted myself, more than a few […]

Lovely Things Found Locally

Just down the street from where I live is a phenomenal Austin boutique called Atown on Burnet Road. It has some fun indie brands, but the majority of it’s products are sourced from local Austinites. And seriously, I think I could spend a good few hours just browsing in this place, not to mention a chunk […]

weekend review

Before I can write anything at all, I must report: IT RAINED. I mean, even if it just sprinkled for three minutes, which it did once or twice last month, I get excited – we all get excited – but this time, it freaking poured. Not only did it pour, it rained all weekend and […]

Another one off the list!

Gosh, I am tired. It’s been over a week since I wrote anything on my blog. I’ve been busy editing photos from the fantastic Rainbow Wedding and then a few other things take up my time – namely a little boy with a large molar halfway through his gums and a nasty temper to accompany […]

Weekend Review

Friday was a big day of To-Do’s. The kind of day where my list won’t fit onto the space in my agenda and I have to pull out a piece of printer paper, then fold it up and stuff it in my back pocket, look at it a hundred times a day to make sure […]