Today we have a wonderful tutorial from the lovely Card Deck Swap participant Laura Rumble. If you’re interested in the next swap, join us at that registration link. Join the very active Facebook group right now, whether you sign up or not; it’s amazing how many kindred spirits you can find in one place!   To […]

My Mixed Media Art Cards Tutorial

This is my four step process to creating mixed-media style altered playing cards for the Altered Card Deck Swap. In the first video, I walk you through a few of the other styles that past participants have used to altar their playing cards. The options are endless and definitely not limited to mixed media styles. […]

If it takes a year…

Once upon a time I was a half marathon runner. I was also addicted to exercise, anorexic and teetering on clinical exhaustion. I refused to let my body rest when it needed it, and I suffered for it. I would take “breaks” that weren’t real breaks. When I did take a “Break,” I would leap […]

2 Jedi Art Tricks (and a dose of permission)

Hello Butterflies! Today I want to show you TWO JEDI ART TRICKS to use in your creative journey. These tricks are best used to improve your own art, when trying new techniques and to make “making art” seem a little less overwhelming. If you feel stuck, or are looking at someone else’s art and feeling intimidated, these are […]

The Evolution of (my) Art

It’s been four years since I started the Inspirational Card Swap – an ATC Swap style project where we alter 52 playing cards and swap around the world. The thing is, every year, new people join the swap. Which I love. But not for the reason that you think. I love when new people join […]