The surprising thing about neglect.

Last week, as I was watering the plants around the house, I came upon my favorite succulent, housed in my favorite coffee mug (because I wasn’t drinking coffee while pregnant so I gave it an honorary job). As I leaned over it with my watering can, I felt my heart drop a little. The single […]

The Inspirational Card Deck Swap * MISSION *

Today I wanted to tell you about the mission and purpose of this swap. It took me some time to figure out that I even had one! I did, and it was there all along, but I didn’t really know it. And then, I had it in my mind for years now, but I’ve never […]

How the Altered Deck Swap started.

The Summer 2016 Card Deck Swap has officially kicked off, and many of you have asked how the swap actually got started, so today I thought I’d share that story. It’s a good one. It reminds me, and I hope will show you, that Synchronicity is real, that breadcrumbs are being laid out on the […]

I dare you.

  There is something that I want to dare you to do today, or tomorrow, or the next time you show up at your creative practice. First, I want you to work until you have created (painted, written, carved, arranged) something you are pleased with. Got it? Okay. Now for the dare. I dare you to […]

Altered Card Tutorial by Nancy Boone

Today’s Altered Card Tutorial is by Nancy Boone, participant of the Inspirational Card Swap and creative kindred from the Netherlands. Nancy creates her own stamps by hand, using the lino-cut method, and her cards area always a hit with the group. I asked Nancy if she would share with us all how she creates her […]