Don’t Listen


Don’t listen, when they say,  “Where is this hobby going?”

Or, “You should sell it and make money from it.”

Or, “Do you think you have your priorities in order?”

Don’t listen, when they say, “You should be focusing on your family right now.”

Don’t listen.


Don’t listen, when you hear, “I don’t really get it…”

Or, “You’re not really ready…”

Or, “You’re not really our type…”

Don’t listen, when you hear, “You have to suffer first…”

Don’t listen.


Don’t listen, when you hear yourself say, “I’m too young, who will listen?”

Or, “I’m too old, I’ve missed my chance.”

If own thoughts say, “What do I know?”

or, “Who am I kidding?”

Don’t listen.


Don’t listen, if it makes you feel bad.

Don’t listen, when it brings you down.

Don’t listen, when listening makes you put the tool down, and hesitate to pick it up again.



Listen, to your aches.

Listen, to your whispers.

Listen, to what feels Good.


Listen, and you will hear what God has to say through you

What God can only say through you.


Listen, to the little voice that says, “What do I want?”

Because the truth is, it’s you, and God, and no one else.

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