Five Uber-Helpful Tips to Make the Most of Your Creative Practice: Tip 1

Considering that I have been making a business of my artistic and creative endeavors for a few years now, sometimes I can become engrossed in the “running of the business” aspect of my creativity, and disconnect from the practices (and feelings) of the creative practice that drew me in, and got me started on this journey to begin with. A creative practice does NOT have to be a business. Mine happens to be. But that does not have to be your goal, and in fact, it does not have to be my goal, nor shouldn’t be,  all of the time.  In carrying out a creative-based business, it does get easy to lose sight of (or rather, lose the feeling of) the practice itself. Which is why today’s post heals me just a little bit. I need to hear it as much as I think you might need to.

This post is for those of you who are just beginning. Who are looking at other people’s creative explorations online. Who are eyeing supplies. Who are experimenting, with equal parts trepidation, confusion (what the $%@#$ is gel medium and why does it come in so many forms?!), and excitement. Who are feeling the BUZZ and the addiction already, of what it feels like to start using your creativity. These tips will make a noticeable difference in how much you enjoy, and how much you get from, your new creative practices.

And truthfully, these are things that all creatives (myself very much included) need to hear and be reminded of, time and again.



Five Uber-Helpful Tips to Make the Most of Your Creative Practice

(for newbies and and anyone who needs the reminders!)

1. Taking up a creative practice is like taking up exercising. Learn this, and treat them the same.

In other words, your creative muscle, is a muscle, just like all the others in your body.

Some of our muscles are tangible, solid things. Some of them, like our creative muscles, and also our heart (love), and brain muscles are not. But they function the same way!

You start with cold, unused muscles.  If you haven’t used it before, or if you’ve just been out of the habit of using it, it will feel cold, a little tight, a little reluctant to loosen up, and a bit foreign. Anyone who has tried to take up jogging will relate to that!

art journaling

Muscles, want to be used. 

You have them for a reason. If you don’t use them, they atrophy. But they are there for a reason, and they want to be used. Not using them is denying them their purpose, and, since you have it, I believe you are meant to have it, and meant to use it. Once you begin using your muscles, you will find that they grow. They strengthen. They loosen up. When you get past the initial awkward, tight stages of your creative practice, you will feel a loosening of your spirit and in your art. If you haven’t used your creative muscles in a long time, or ever, this process can take a few weeks (just like at the gym!). If you’re used to being creative, but you have a little hiatus (say for a surgery), then this can take just a day or two, but you’ll feel it as you re-enter. It’s normal. And then comes the delicious loosening.

Muscles that feel strong, feel good. And you will feel different, feel good, feel an almost addictive buzz, as you begin to strengthen your artistic / creative practice.

A creative practice is like learning a new skill. You need to practice. It takes time to improve. And, you need to rest. You need to give your creative brain a bit of time off, to integrate. Muscles that are never rested, never truly grow. They need time to repair and integrate. The growth happens on and off the clock, so to speak. Give yourself that time, to let ideas and inspiration sink in, marinate and integrate. This is a life habit you are building, hopefully. There’s no rush.

If you know any lovelies who are just getting into a creative practice, or who “might could use one!” (as my Mema would have said), feel free to share this post with them! There will be four more to follow this week in the series.

Stay tuned for Tip 2 tomorrow!


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