Small Altered Project: Mini Containers for your Bits and Pieces

Today I want to share a small but very fulfilling project, one that has two purposes. First, if you are participating in the newest card deck swap, or if you are a creative who often keeps bits, pieces and treasures stored, this is a way to beautify the process of housing those words/treasures. Secondly, it’s a way in which you can reuse containers that you already have, rather than buying something new.

Note, you do not have to use this type of container. I had this on hand, left over from a Christmas party at school (where I teach French!) and thought it was the perfect size for collecting. You could use any small box, and many people reuse mint (Altoid) tins as altered containers.


– Container of some sort

– Gesso

– Brushes

– Glue (I use Gel Medium because it holds the very best) Mod Podge would work just fine.

– Acrylic Paints and / or Miscellaneous Papers…and any thing your heart desires by way of embellishment and decoration

IMG_5266 copy

As you can see, I have been collecting phrases and words of text for a Found Poetry project.  Today I am using this Brie Container to alter for a home for my words.


The first step is to use a brush (a cheap brush is best for this step) to apply Gesso liberally so that you have a surface that will best show off any paint you use (or absorb any glue).

IMG_5272 copy

As my container is circular, I simply used the base as a stencil with a pencil onto some colorful scrap paper.

IMG_5282 copy

Then I added torn up bits of other scrap paper, and cut out tiny circles to mimic the larger shape. I used a regular ink pen to write my word “words” but a set of alphabet stamps would work as well.

IMG_5286 copyThe above is another example I have: a box that a friend gave me when visiting, which had chocolate in it. I wanted to keep it in memory of her visit (when I flip it over, the label reminds me), and it was too sturdy to throw out. I applied the same technique, simply gluing in scraps of paper, and now house these other word treasures inside it.

The options for decorating and altering are endless and are entirely up to your style!

This is a small project, and it took about fifteen minutes (with drying time), but remember,

There’s no such thing as a small act of creativity…




  1. Anne Gaffney-Iehl says:

    I am so going to do this! Thanks for the reminder about small projects – sometimes I get into a loop of thinking where I feel like I need a lot of time, otherwise why bother.

  2. Jessica, these ideas are very cute and useful! These containers for words are a lot cuter than my storage bags that hold my words. Thank you <3

  3. Paula Kelsall Langille says:

    Such a quick project with lots of uses!! On to create my word box! Great idea????????

  4. Paula Kelsall Langille says:

    Oops–the question marks should be exclamation marks!!!!!

  5. Paula Kelsall Langille says:

    Oops–the question marks should be exclamation marks!!!!! And thanks for the idea!

  6. I love this idea! I have trouble throwing away containers and have a whole collection waiting for little projects like this. I love the look of the wooden container, however. :)

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