Your Word of the Year

Despite the interest in a guide to choosing a “Word of the Year,” from you, my community, I procrastinated in creating this for a few days. My real fear was this: there are so many trends and bandwagons to jump on all year round- so much to join, to read, to watch, to ingest, so many places to put our energy already, that choosing a “Word of the Year” might be just another thing. Another place to give energy, another thing to show up to, another “Oh yes, I totally…” we can say to friends over the digichats, and eventually, another to-do on the list that we feel pressured by instead of inspired and invigorated by. Also, there are many resources that already exist on this specific exercise.  I sat with all this and thought : Do I really want to add yet another resource? Do I want to suggest to anyone another activity for their already full list of life activities?

It turns out, I do.

Over the holidays I participated in a live Word of the Year workshop. My intentions upon arriving were to fill up on the female company I’d missed, to see old friends, and to do a little journaling, but frankly, I wasn’t sure I still wanted to partake in this process of having a “word of the year” as I’ve done the last few years. I didn’t even plan to “get into it.”  Perhaps it’s the new baby, or the full time teaching career, (okay yes, it’s definitely those things) but this past year I had to pare down my own list of “to dos” to the minimum. In fact, as the last year moved on, I shed thing after thing from my to-do list, I began to feel a clarity come forward that I really do want to do less this year. 

And it was with this chanting in my mind that I entered my friend’s home, fully intending NOT to add this practice to my year, as it could be “just another thing” to have to energetically tend to throughout the year.

However (and this is exactly why I’ve gone ahead and created this Guide for you) as I played with the process and toyed with potential words (sipping my tea, “playing along” writing a list in my notebook but still all the while whispering internally that this “Exercise” would end when the workshop did) the word jumped from the page and claimed its place in me. A shiver ran through my body when it found me. And I, it. And that is when I remembered how powerful this process is. Done shallowly, it’s just an exercise;  a trend. Done deeply, it’s a life-altering medicine.

So with that said, I invite you to peruse this Word of the Year Guide. It’s just one of many you can find online. I have refrained from reading any of the other ones in an effort to keep my take on it clear and true to myself. I look forward to hearing your reactions. A donation is not required, but is appreciated.


Your Word of the Year Guide


  1. Ida Braghini says:

    After I started reading your guide I heard “vulnerable.” I didn’t use to allow people to get too close, they might get to know the real me! Yes,I was a woman terrified of life and living it! I kept reading your guide and then the word “transparent” popped up and hung on. This is the year that I allow my spirit to fly free, live instead of exist, and make myself heard, not only to friends, but especially by my husband!
    Thank you for being you, Jessica!

  2. My Word of the Year is ACTION. So many things I need to take action on. My health, my art, my friendships.

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