10 Creative Postcard Ideas for Your Girlfriend (When You Are Not Around)

Today, when the whole world remains in a lockdown more than anything else, we want to hug or even just feel our romantic partners around. Unfortunately, not every couple lives together to have pleasant hugs and kisses daily. Of course, online services can help us in these terrible times of quarantine. Surely, we can have video-voice chants with our lovers, send them flowers, or even have a video-date. Unfortunately, sooner or later, all those things get ordinary eventually. What should you do in this case?

10 creative postcards ideas for your girlfriend

These days, the best way to impress and make your girlfriend happy is to invest your time into creating beautiful DIY postcards for her. Also, you can send one of those cards to your new online partner if you are searching for a single girl online. So, here are our 10 creative postcard ideas.

1. A postcard with animals

What is her favorite animal? You can make a beautiful applique for her. Just find old magazines and cut pictures of her favorite animal. Also, it will be pretty cool if you also add some information about this animal too. Just cut small pieces of text from the same magazine.

2. Leafy Card

Everyone loves greens, right? So, why don’t you use this fact? You can make a very beautiful postcard covered in artificial greens. The best part is that this idea doesn’t require any special items. I am sure that you already have a couple of grocery bags or lists of scrap paper at home.

3. Ice cream cone card

Another very simple applique that doesn’t require any special material. To make this card, you can use almost any good-looking piece of cardboard and colorful papers. Make a base from thick cardboard, use a thinner one to make a cone and colorful paper to make an ice-cream.

4. Pop-Up hearts card

To make this one, you will have to find thin transparent plastic and cut it into relatively thin stripes. Then, cut hearts from red paper. Find two similar pieces of good-looking cardboard. Divide those lists in 10 and fold 1/10 of both lists. Then put one list on a table, cover it with glue, put stripes with hears above it and glue everything again. After that, cover it with the second piece. When she opens this postcard, she will see pop upping hearts.

5. Postcard with a map

Draw a very simple map from her house to hers. You can use the names of the street or local restaurants for the reference. There is no need to be precise. Then write something like that “The route to a person who loves you.”

6. A letter from the past

This one is very simple. Just write a small letter for her, and use a back tea bag to make this postcard look very old. Also, you may use glue together multiple layers of old newspapers as a cover.

7. Heart-shaped postcard

Find one big piece of red paper. Fold it in half and draw a nice-looking heat on one side. Then cut it and write a love confession inside your cute heart-shaped postcard.

8. A small book

To make this book-looking postcard, you will need to cut several lists of paper in smaller ones. Then, glue everything together and add a cardboard cover. It is up to you to decide the content of this book.

9. Travel postcard

Cut from a magazine or draw some interesting popular among tourist places that you both want to visit. Also, you can write a “future travel plan ” there.

10. “I love you this much”

If you doubt your crafting and painting skills, you can make a beautiful and romantic postcard without any real skills. Draw a very simple person right in the middle of your card, then add a smile on his or her face and draw very long hands. Add small additional pieces of paper on sides to make hands even longer to give an additional impression.