13 Ordinary Women’s Phrases That Blow the Mind of Any Man

13 Ordinary Women’s Phrases That Blow the Mind of Any Man

Using the following phrases, women always pursue one goal – to understand their beloved men a little better. But these are the very words that infuriate your boyfriend so much that he is ready to explode! Therefore, it is better to eradicate them from your speech in order to avoid quarrels in the relationship.

  1. What are you thinking about?

What you mean: “Tell me about your experiences and feelings. I want to understand you.”

What he hears: “I want to know everything to the finest details!”

  • Everyone ignores me.

What you mean: “Today, it seems to me that no one cares about me, that people are just indifferent to me. I feel as if no one sees or hears me. Of course, I’m sure that someone still notices me, but they don’t seem to care if I exist or not. Maybe you can hug me and say that you need me.”

What he hears: “I feel bad. I can’t get your attention that I need so much. Everything is absolutely hopeless. Even you don’t notice me, but you’re supposed to love me. Shame on you! You are so heartless!”

  • We need to talk.

What you mean: “Let’s discuss my new idea of conquering the world!”

What he hears: “I know everything. You are in a big trouble, honey.”

  • No, I’m not offended.

What you mean: “Perhaps I’m not offended.”

What he hears: “I’m definitely offended.”

  • I’m so tired I can’t do anything

Pretty Ukrainian women argue that this is the very phrase that their beloved men misinterpret the most frequently. What you mean saying it: “I’ve had so many things to do today. I really need to take a break before doing anything else. How lucky I am that I can count on your support! Maybe you can hug me and confirm that I do my job well and really deserve some rest time?”

What he hears: “I do everything, and you – nothing. You have to take on more responsibilities. I can’t handle everything alone. I’m just desperate. I need a ‘real man’, not you.”

  • Why have you changed your password? You are hiding something from me?

What you mean: “Something about this feels off to me. Tell me your password. Right now.”

What he hears: “I want to control your every step, whether you like this or not.”

  • Why do you need a new TV?

What you mean: “I doubt the advisability of a new purchase, because the old TV is still working!”

What he hears: “You are a stupid person who does not know how to manage money.”

  • The house is always such a mess!

What you mean: “Today, I want to relax a little, but the house is such a mess! I hope you won’t saddle me with the whole cleaning job. What if you agree with me about today’s mess, and tomorrow, offer to help me clean up? ”

What he hears: “The house is always a mess because of you. I do everything I can to keep the house clean, but you always turn it into a pigsty. You are a real slob!”

  • You’ll do it for me, won’t you?

What you mean: “I need action. If you really love me, you will do it for me.”

What he hears: “I’m trying to manipulate you. And I do it very well, you won’t dare to do it differently.”

  1. Do you like her?

What you mean: “Tell me I’m much better. And she sucks, even with her huge breasts.”

What he hears: “Do you want to have sex with her?”

  1. Which shade is better – vinous or coral?

What you mean: “What color do you like more? I want to impress you in a new dress.”

What he hears: “I want to torment you with dumb questions about the shades of colors till your dying day.”

  1. You’d better hang out with your friends, you are so entertained with them.

What you mean: “Let’s spend time together. We haven’t done this for a long time.”

What he hears: “You are a dumbhead who does not understand his happiness.”

  1. You do not love me.

What you mean: “I know you actually love me and do a lot for me. But today, I feel somehow insecure. Could you please confirm my faith in your love and tell me three magic words “I love you”? When you say it, I feel so good!”

What he hears: “You do not invest enough effort to make me believe in the sincerity of your feelings. A white gold ring will save the situation.”