The most stylish Hawaiian celebration

A gray day in the sun working, rain and rain? No problem at all. Nothing can hinder the genuine islanders from relaxing properly.

Also, pineapple, tequila and lots of lime green balloons. What else can help create a relaxed island vibe?

Tips to throw a truly Hawaiian celebration

Tiki Bar

First in hawaiian party decorations is the Tiki Bar. The tiki bar is where guests can have a glass of refreshing cocktails. Hawaii is well-known for its lengthy drinks and a relaxed atmosphere, without the typical food. So, it is best to organize the event in a buffet-style.

A perfect spot to host an ideal location for a Luau celebration is at the beach with white sand. What can you do to escape an environment where the sea is far away or is not in season? Design your own “paradise” by the help of your hands.

Photo area

Choose a banner that has stunning views of the ocean as well as dangling palm trees. Create a banner stand-frame made of chrome railing tubing and put it up in a large space.

Take the equivalent of 20-30 bags, then sprinkle it over the banner. It’s great if the picture is of the ocean with the beach changing into actual sand.

To make a real-looking photo space Add a few sun loungers, tables or a beach umbrella bags, flip-flops, the life saver, surfboard.

A Hawaiian themed photo gallery is sure to delight fans of social media.


A hammock is a must-have decoration, but it’s also useful. A lot of Hawaiians would like to hang around and take a few relaxing shots. If you’re hosting a party in the summer, make sure to decorate the party with fragrant, fresh flowers.

Do you know which sport is considered to be a royal sport in Hawaii? Sure, surfing, it’s even a part of the school syllabus. Therefore, being part of the crowd isn’t possible without boards. You can create them out from wood, or Styrofoam. Length: Full-length or smaller meters. Draw the outline of the board using the layout in the shape of a fish. One side is called the nose and the other side is the tail. A wooden board is cut using an electric Jigsaw. Some stores for construction offer the option of cutting. Styrofoam is easy to cut with a sharp knife.

Essential accessories

The more thematic aspects of designs, and the more cool. A must-have accessory for the perfect Hawaiian event:

  • oars;
  • seashells;
  • towels that are bent into a circle and then wrapped with satin ribbon with diving glasses on top. They will appear as sculptures or totems. It is possible to use them when the party is at the pool or at the beach.
  • limbo dance bar;
  • parrots;

Ice buckets are used to chill drinks. The picture is of the tiki. The image can be printed at an online print shop and then glue to the back of;

The tropical leaf holders are made out of fake tropical leaves. They are used to serve food at the table on each plate, or to create a runner for the middle. Shot glasses or glasses are wrapped in twine. Plaques bearing the names of guests are affixed to the chairs’ backs;

Make sure you have plenty of laughter for what else could you do in the islands? You’ll be thrilled.