What to Talk About with a Ukrainian Girl on a Date

For all reasons, a man is the one who should talk more on a date. Therefore, let’s find out what to talk about on a date. If you are planning to date a Ukrainian woman, there is nothing to worry about. The fact that you have some cultural differences may help you a lot during a date. Imagine how many things you may ask her about her culture and country. Just make sure you don’t talk about culture exclusively. This is a date, not a lecture.

To tell the truth there is no clear answer to the ‘what to talk about on dates’ question. Everything is individual. Of course, you may follow some general tips and advice on the things to talk about on a first date. Sometimes, they are really helpful. Still, you should realize it’s not about the topic, it’s about the way you talk. Keep in mind three essential conditions if you want to have a nice talk with your Ukrainian lady: flirting, using body language, making eye contact, try practice on bebemur and then in real dating life (offline date).

If this is your fist date with a Ukrainian girl and you don’t know what to talk about on a first date, you should calm down first of all. Your confidence is the key. If you feel too insecure and have no idea what to talk about on a first day, prepare a few funny stories in advance. It is reasonable to pick something, connected to meals or food in general. It will sound natural if you come up with a story about some interesting meal while actually having a meal. You may come up with your own story or use the following one:

I have a friend who went on a trip to Asia with his girlfriend a few months ago. They came to a restaurant with national cuisine and ordered an unknown but expensive national dish. Five minutes later the whole column of cooks with a chief cook at the head came out. They served a dish with a giant green caterpillar and lettuce leaves. The caterpillar was eating leaves and defecating them immediately. His girlfriend could not stand such a disgusting picture and went to the ladies’ room. My friend decided to try the meal because it would be rude to leave without trying it. Well, he took the fork and forced it right into the caterpillar’s head. The chief cook almost fainted. It turned out that he had to eat the feces, not the caterpillar. Besides, it was the only caterpillar in the restaurant and it cost about $ 2,000.

Topics To Talk About On A Date

Tell her some fun life stories of yours (or the ones you’ve heard from friends). It is better to pick those stories that prove your strong points: masculinity, kindness, self-confidence, etc. It may be a story about you giving a hand to your friend, for example, or you saving a kitten.

  • The strategy is pretty simple. Let’s go through an example. You say, “I got a kitten out of the tree yesterday.” Your Ukrainian girl thinks: “out of the tree” – he is fit and can climb a tree, “got a kitten” – he is kind hearted… I think you got the idea.
  • Discuss your dreams when dating Ukrainian girls. Find out what she dreams about, what her life goals are. Tell her about your dreams. Make it clear when you talk to a Ukrainian girl that she is the essential part of both your dreams and your future. For instance, if you tell her that you dream to buy a yacht, don’t forget to describe how great it would be to yacht together. Make it sound romantic. Say something like, “Imagine that we are standing together at the pitch of the yacht. I hold you like in the Titanic movie and you feel the salty breeze on your lips…”
  • Another great topic to discuss when you date a Ukrainian girl is childhood. First of all, your memories from childhood are likely to be different because you were raised in different countries and according to different traditions. By the way, in most cases when you have a talk with a Ukrainian girl it should be based more on questions about her. Therefore, it is reasonable to ask her some questions about her childhood: how did she spend her school years, what was her favorite play at preschool, did she wear any New Year’s costume (it may sound weird but the most popular costume among Ukrainian kids is a snowflake costume or a rabbit costume). You may also share some funny stories like those when you picked on your school teachers.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure you tell it emotionally and make it detailed. It is important to change the emotional tone of your stories. It will be perfect to tell a creepy, hilarious, sad, and serious story. If you are truly interested in dating Ukrainian women, let her see you from different perspectives. A versatile personality is nothing but a benefit. Don’t make the mistake most guys do – don’t try to please or attract her with your funny stories. It is great if you have a good sense of humor, although being funny is not enough to attract or impress a Ukrainian lady.