The surprising thing about neglect.

Last week, as I was watering the plants around the house, I came upon my favorite succulent, housed in my favorite coffee mug (because I wasn’t drinking coffee while pregnant so I gave it an honorary job). As I leaned over it with my watering can, I felt my heart drop a little. The single […]

The Inspirational Card Deck Swap * MISSION *

Today I wanted to tell you about the mission and purpose of this swap. It took me some time to figure out that I even had one! I did, and it was there all along, but I didn’t really know it. And then, I had it in my mind for years now, but I’ve never […]

How the Altered Deck Swap started.

The Summer 2016 Card Deck Swap has officially kicked off, and many of you have asked how the swap actually got started, so today I thought I’d share that story. It’s a good one. It reminds me, and I hope will show you, that Synchronicity is real, that breadcrumbs are being laid out on the […]

I dare you.

  There is something that I want to dare you to do today, or tomorrow, or the next time you show up at your creative practice. First, I want you to work until you have created (painted, written, carved, arranged) something you are pleased with. Got it? Okay. Now for the dare. I dare you to […]

Altered Card Tutorial by Nancy Boone

Today’s Altered Card Tutorial is by Nancy Boone, participant of the Inspirational Card Swap and creative kindred from the Netherlands. Nancy creates her own stamps by hand, using the lino-cut method, and her cards area always a hit with the group. I asked Nancy if she would share with us all how she creates her […]

Altered Card Tutorial by Elly Pirally

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a tutorial by Inspirational Card Swap participant Elly Pirally. I asked her to introduce herself, so without further aideu… “My name is Elly and I joined the crafting world via YouTube with my first creations of mini books in 2010. I started as a paper crafter and discovered […]

Small Altered Project: Mini Containers for your Bits and Pieces

Today I want to share a small but very fulfilling project, one that has two purposes. First, if you are participating in the newest card deck swap, or if you are a creative who often keeps bits, pieces and treasures stored, this is a way to beautify the process of housing those words/treasures. Secondly, it’s […]

Early 2016 Altered Card Swap ~ SOLD OUT

The 2015 International Card Deck Swap has officially ended! Packages bursting with cards have made their way to their new homes around the world, and gratitude and creativity has been spread again by the hands of many kindred spirits. I run the main, Inspirational Quote – themed swap one time per year (the next will […]

Found Poetry Tutorial

Many people in my online creative community have asked, “What exactly is Found Poetry?” so I thought I would share my personal take on this super fun + creative practice. I first stumbled upon Found Poetry when I was taking a poetry class at my college in Rome, Italy. I had never been “into” poetry […]

Don’t Listen

  Don’t listen, when they say,  “Where is this hobby going?” Or, “You should sell it and make money from it.” Or, “Do you think you have your priorities in order?” Don’t listen, when they say, “You should be focusing on your family right now.” Don’t listen.   Don’t listen, when you hear, “I don’t […]