Your unique spirit is needed in this world more than ever. And that includes your ability to play with your own creative spirit. Sometimes we underestimate the power of our creative practice; the way communing with our Self, with our higher source, and finding the sanity and peace that comes through connection to those, can have a real effect on the world. You become part of the ripple effect, even when you’re doing something that is FUN, like making art. It’s deeper than that. Deep down, you know that. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be about learning deep theory, or mastering a technique (if you’re into that, Awesome! I just can’t provide you that!). My work is to provide places and Spaces where people can Explore. Experiment. Discover the possibilities and surprises hiding small acts of art, and self, carried out everyday. Plus, I attract really good people. My orbit is full, and I’m proud of the people who show up for these offerings, as much as I am of the content.

2017 will bring another year of teaching French and guiding high schoolers. It will also include the upheaval of life that comes with a new baby’s first steps. 2017 will include a wee one turning one year old, and helping my older one transition to the third grade. Oh my. Send me strength! Because of this, these are the offerings I’m holding space for in 2017 (*beyond some personal art and writing projects I plan to complete, and a new offering I will be birthing behind the scenes for 2018). They are all spaces that will feed me, as much as I hope they will you. I’m already ready to hear the powerful stories that will come out of the simple acts of making art at your kitchen table, or traveling the world and stalking beauty with me. I hope you’ll join in!


Early 2017, Summer & Fall Dates + All registration info here! 


An art, photography and food retreat in Paris + Normandy, France! All the details about this amazing week are at this link.