My work is to provide places and spaces where people can explore and discover the possibilities and surprises hiding within small acts of art and self. Also, I attract really good people. My orbit is full, and I am as proud and enamored of the people who show up for my offerings as I am of the content within them.

2017 will bring another year of teaching French and guiding high schoolers. It will also include the upheaval of life that comes with a new baby’s first steps. With that said, my only offering of this year will be the Card Deck Swap.Sometimes we underestimate the power of our creative practice; the way communing with our Self, with our higher source, and finding the sanity and peace that comes through connection to those, can have a real effect on the world. When you make art, you become part of the ripple effect. Which is why I say, There’s no such thing as a small act of art.  I am looking forward to hearing the stories that will come out of the simple acts of making art at your kitchen table. I hope you’ll join in!