Your Word of the Year

Despite the interest in a guide to choosing a “Word of the Year,” from you, my community, I procrastinated in creating this for a few days. My real fear was this: there are so many trends and bandwagons to jump on all year round- so much to join, to read, to watch, to ingest, so […]

Let it be simple.

Simple medicine, the most powerful kind. A few weeks ago, on a normal afternoon, I was doing a very normal thing, except that as I was walking, something profound happened. I was walking, pushing the stroller with my four month old baby in it, and as I rounded a corner of the manmade track around the […]

Dear Baby, At the risk of sounding like a “Everything I need to know in life, my baby taught me” poster, I have written you this letter. It isn’t that everything a baby does is great fodder for life instruction (licking people’s shoulders is awkward and being completely dependent on others is a terrible life […]

On beginnings.

Rule #1 about teaching. About other people’s children. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ME, AND I WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU.   I’m chuckling, as this applies just as much to this moment that just transpired, in which my second grader came running up to me after school and announced: “Our teacher […]

Altered Playing Card Tutorial by D. Loren Prince

Today we have a wonderful tutorial from Card Deck Swap participant D. Loren Prince. If you’re interested in the next swap, join us at that registration link. Join the very active Facebook group right now, whether you sign up or not; it’s amazing how many kindred spirits you can find in one place!   Supply […]