Early 2016 Altered Card Swap ~ SOLD OUT


The 2015 International Card Deck Swap has officially ended! Packages bursting with cards have made their way to their new homes around the world, and gratitude and creativity has been spread again by the hands of many kindred spirits. I run the main, Inspirational Quote – themed swap one time per year (the next will be early summer of 2016). This is the flagship swap, and this year we had over 125 participants from around the world. However,  the energy of this swap is so infectious, that it wasn’t much of a surprise when I received many requests to run another swap in the meantime. Themes were suggested, voted on, and now I’m excited to announce, we have a tie, and thus, a very interesting theme for a new Swap to run right now! Drumrollll please….

(If you’re new to my swap, the main site will give you the full scoop of how they work, what size to use, and has some great tutorials if you need a kick-start!) 

IMG_1925 (1)

Our new theme for this first 2016 Card Deck Swap is NATURE.

Nature is a fabulous theme! It gives us an entire world, no kingdom!, to work from, and I know that this will bring out an amazing array of art styles and nature images. Think Animals. Think Flowers. Think CONNECTION. Think of the peace. Think of the scenery. Think of the COLORS.


The options are endless, nothing is off-limits and there are no rules. You can PAINT. You can DOODLE. You can TRANSFER PHOTOS. You can QUILT. You can SEW. let your own creativity guide you!


However, there was MUCH talk of Found Poetry at the same time, and the final vote was so close that I’ve decided to add a sub-theme, if you will!

So. Your main theme is NATURE and if you are feeling excited about Found Poetry too, then this is your swap! You don’t have to add poetry, but a lot of you want to and it will add yet another dimension to our explorations of the natural world. If you are curious about what Found Poetry IS exactly, you can find out all about it here at this blog post on the subject.

I can’t WAIT to see what you create!


A few GOOD-TO-KNOW details:

1. This swap will run from December 26th to February 26th. I ALWAYS give this amount of time because so many participants are sending packages from overseas, and they can frequently take up to three weeks to arrive! Those of you speedy creators in the United States, please understand that this length of creation time is to allow all of our international friends to play too.

2. For this swap, please send your deck of FIFTY TWO CARDS (to arrive by Feb 26th) to : Jessica Brogan / 3226 North 2nd Place / Broken Arrow / Oklahoma / 74012. If you live and ship within the United States, your regular priority mail will provide a tracking number.

As with all my swaps, you contribute 52, and you receive a package of 52 cards back in the mail, each unique to a creator from around the world! In the end, it’s like getting 52 pieces of art, and 52 new friends! You can read more details and instructions at the main site, but feel free to reach out to me at jessica.brogan(at)gmail.com if you have questions.

3. This swap is now Sold Out. 

4. As always, you can join the closed Facebook Group which is THE spot to share all of your art-making and swap inspiration!


  1. marianne s says:

    Just need to arrange payment, we did this last swap – if you could email me?

  2. So so excited! Thanks Jessica for starting this year with a bang!! X

  3. Can I please join your group? I’d love to do the 52 card swap.

  4. Hi Jessica – I paid last year in advance, so could you please confirm you have me down for this swap. Thanks – Chris

  5. sandi pulizzi says:

    Signed up today …. so excited!!

  6. Marie Ange says:

    Hello Jessica,

    Does the 2016 Swap Cards is closed? Can’t find the link PayPal?
    Have a beautiful 2016 year…
    Best wishes.

  7. Yes Jessica — Is it too late to join — I’d love to participate!

  8. What a cool project. Looking forward to doing this and love the theme.

  9. Brigitte Seymour says:

    Can’t believe you’re in Oklahoma as well….cool! Hope you will let me know, when to sign up for the next swap…..I’d love to be a part of it…. Please continue doing what you do…you’re terrific at it.Th ank you.


  10. I just paid today, what swap am I participating in? 6/8/16

  11. Ann Stebbing says:

    Will there be a 2017 swap. I’d be very interested in joining.


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