My Mixed Media Art Cards Tutorial

This is my four step process to creating mixed-media style altered playing cards for the Altered Card Deck Swap.

In the first video, I walk you through a few of the other styles that past participants have used to altar their playing cards. The options are endless and definitely not limited to mixed media styles. Participants really blow my mind with their creative takes on a simple deck of cards.

That said, this is my tutorial for my own four step process for creating mixed media style cards. This includes using things like paint, spray inks, stencils, washi tape and more. It’s really about experimentation and layering the supplies as I go.

So let’s get to it!

Step One is to create a base layer for your cards, including using the “trick” that I’ve explained for how to speed this entire process up and make making 52 cards possible! In the following video, I show you a couple of ways to create a base layer for your cards.

Step Two is to add depth and variety to your paint layers. The following short videos show you various ways and techniques to add that depth!
Stamps, stencils, spray inks and more:

How to add papers and collage elements:

Mixing it up and combining multiple mark making tools

Step Three is to add text to your cards now. Note that I do not add the details to the cards yet. I add text before details in order to know what room I actually have left to add details. In this video I show you at least half a dozen ways to add text to your altered cards.

Last but not least, it’s time to add the details! This is Step Four and in this video I’ll show you a range of different details that you can add to any of your cards.

Happy Creating, and if you are ready to sign up for the swap, you can register here! Either way, you’ve got to come join the Facebook group for all of the kindred connections and wonderful inspiration.

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